A Title in the Making

The mission in my writing the book, A Title in the Making, was to underpin the germination of the two major parties into one professional political club. Life today has become so demanding on our children’s time, they have become blind as parents to the machinations of politics.

Therefore, for our children and grandchildren, the mission of my blog is to address we, the grandparents, to help us better discern the issues, so we can stand as an example. Only then can they become gatekeepers for those principles that will bring us back to the sound sanity upon which our nation was founded.

As George Washington warns us, “In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country.”

A Title in the Making: Perot Movement Laid the Foundation to Take Back America. Where Do We Go From Here?” published by Page Publishing, is a well researched account of the millions of Americans who rallied to the call from the billionaire business man from Texas whose blunt criticisms of the American Government in the early nineties were felt by so many. The call was to take back America.  This movement never went away. Pinned “Wake Up America,” it laid the ground work for the past decade’s populism in America’s electoral perception for its Congress and Presidency. Kicked off by Ross Perot, the billionaire Texan, of whom the author so brilliantly captures, this prescient patriot set a fire under our entire nation as well as a whole lot of incredible individuals, of whom the author pays particular homage.  Ordinary people from all sectors poured a common devotion into the enormous journey, to ‘take their country back’ from the professional politicians who had gridlocked the nation. They discovered that these professional politicians no longer served the wellbeing of the citizens.

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“I had the pleasure of reading Pat Muth’s memoir of the Perot Movement and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I thought it captured very well the excitement of the Movement in 1992 and the difficulties of getting the Reform Party and Perot on the ballot in 1996. The decision to form a political party came too late to attract a host of other candidates to run on the Party line in the various States. [For example] Tom Golisano ran for Governor on the Independence Party Line in 1994 and got the third place on the ballot for the Party, replacing the Conservative Party.”

Gordon S. Black, PhD

formerly an Associate Professor at the University of Rochester and founder and CEO of the Harris Poll


5_stars1John LeBouttlier – American Political Columnist, Fox News Analyst, Former Rep member of the US House of Reps from New York on June 29, 2016

A Title In The Making reveals what most of today’s political press never knew: the Perot Movement in 1992 laid the ground work for the Tea Party Movement of 2010 and then the Trump Campaign of 2015-2016. Mr. Perot was clearly ahead of his time: forewarning the Political Establishment that out-of-control federal spending was the sleeper issue among millions of voters and that trade deals – NAFTA in particular – were undermining America’s working class.

5_stars1Jim Bourassa on May 18, 2016

Every American should read this.  I hope they make a movie about this movement that set the course of taking back our country today!”

5_stars1Georgi Gold on May 18, 2016

Well done and very insightful.”

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Merry Christmas to All!

There was no room in the Inn. The fancy ones were already filled. And there they were, Joesph and his wife Mary, who was about to give birth, walking down the star lit road until they came upon a barn with a manger filled with straw. And that’s where Our Lord Jesus was born.

The stars twinkled in the sky above them, serving as a guiding light to the 3 wise men, who brought with them gold, frankincense and Myrrh. Gold was traditionally given to kings, frankincense was an incense or a perfume, and myrrh was used for anointing. And so, Isaiah’s prophesy would be fulfilled. (Isaiah 60:6).

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Tom Overocker – We Will Miss You!

God took my dear friend and patriot, Tom Overocker, home today. His wife, Junia, was at his bedside in a hospital in Shenyang, China, where he was receiving treatment for an unbearably painful cancer. Today he is free from the long suffering, and is in the arms of God.

Many of you knew Tom from the Perot Movement. Some of you became acquainted with Tom through his blogs on this website. You may have even purchased one of the many unique pens he crafted while living in Dangdong, China, where he taught. Others remember Tom from his years at the Maryland National bank, or from his days in the Virginia real estate market during the late eighties.

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New Role for Florida’s Parents in Textbook Selection

My attempt to encourage Gatekeepers and Watchers to share their findings on my network and archives pages has fallen on barren ground. Finally, someone got off the couch and became an activist. I’m happy to introduce you to Keith Flaugh.

He spent 27 years in finance and marketing. Keith Flaugh was an exec at IBM. But upon retirement, he began questioning why our culture was self-destructive. Why were so many people apathetic to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic? “I concluded it was our education system that is indoctrinating our children,” he stated.

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Guest of Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Author Patricia Muth says the two-party system is not what you think it is in today’s political landscape. It’s not Republican vs. Democrat, but “We the People” vs. “the Swamp.” Muth explains, “We don’t have a two-party system in this country. We have a one-party system in Congress, and that’s the establishment. What the people want is not in the minds of the establishment, and you can see that happening all over. Somehow, along the way, Congress forgot they work for us. The Senate certainly doesn’t believe they work for us. Do you think that (Senator) Bob Corker could have a rally, plan it in four days and bring 20,000 or 30,000 people there? Donald Trump can, and Donald Trump can actually be the spokesman for the American people. The people want the agenda that Trump is putting forward, and the Congress and Senate does not want to go along with it. Many in the establishment will be unelected in the 2018 election.”

Muth recently wrote a book on the Ross Perot Movement of the early 1990’s. It’s called “A Title in the Making.” The outrage over the establishment back then is more intensified than ever. The book basically asks the question: “Where do we go from here?” Both parties are taking a hit right now. Muth explains, “The Democrat Party is in trouble, really, really big trouble, and so is the Republican Party. So, what you have is the establishment and the other people in Congress are with the people. So, that’s your two-party system.”

Simply put, it’s “We the People” against “the Swamp.”

If the Republicans don’t support Trump, there are going to be big problems for all incumbents. Muth contends, “The Republicans can lose their hold on the Senate and the House if they don’t start doing what Trump has put forth. If they don’t pass healthcare and they don’t do a tax reform, the people are not saying Trump is going to be blamed for this. They are looking at their individual Congressmen and their individual Senators. The people are awake. On my book tour, everyone said the same thing and said the United States was given a reprieve. People are awake. There is a movement, and I would say it’s more of a spiritual movement right now than anything else. How else could you do what is happening?”

Muth, who is a former floor trader for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, thinks that the establishment is afraid of President Trump being successful. Muth contends, “That’s absolutely right. People are strongly supporting Trump, and the more the establishment bucks him, the stronger the people become. The faith in God is what is moving all of this. . . . If the tax plan doesn’t go through, and major corporations . . . are counting on that happening, if it doesn’t go through, I think we have a different ball game as far as the markets go.”

So, if we get the Trump tax cuts, Muth says the economy could “take off.” If we don’t get those tax cuts? Muth says, “We should buckle in, and Congress should really buckle in because they are going to be in for a tough ride.”

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Still True!

By: Patricia Muth

I wrote this article a year ago for the Treasure Coast Newspapers in Florida, and it is still true. I’ll be discussing this and a lot more on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog.com.

Can a third party candidate make it to the White House today? It could happen, but, not without a well-padded check book and a huge populous movement. You would have to be willing to challenge several state ballot access laws in court. Ross Perot nearly made it running as an independent in 1992. However, once he became a threat, the gloves came off and the real war for political turf began, and, has never let up.

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