Kidder reviews Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans

Book by: Brian Kilmeade & Don Yaeger

Review by: Beverly Kidder

It is no wonder that President Trump moved Andrew Jackson’s portrait into the Oval Office. President Trump highly recommended reading this book.

Just like Trump, Jackson was tough and outspoken. He raised himself from being an orphan, to becoming a rich land owner of the Hermitage plantation, located just 10 miles from Nashville.

Taxes and SALT

By: Beverly Kidder

What is SALT and why you should care?

SALT stands for “state and local taxes, which are state income taxes and property taxes. Currently both are deductible from federal income taxes. And it is responsible for the low tax states subsidizing the high tax states.

Here’s how it happens: Lets say two men both make a hundred thousand dollars. One lives in New Jersey and the other lives in Florida. The man who lives in NJ, pays the highest property tax in the nation of $20,000, and pays almost 9% in state income taxes, which comes to $9,000. So he gets to deduct $29,000 from his pay, and only pays federal income taxes on $71,000.


By: Alan Ables
Alan Ables
MUTINY is a Noun: an open rebellion against the proper authorities, especially by soldiers or sailors against their officers.

We all took an oath: everyone who served in the US. Armed Forces and those who served our nation as civilians. The words vary slightly. We honored, we who bore arms, swore to give our lives if necessary to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Tom Overocker – We Will Miss You!

God took my dear friend and patriot, Tom Overocker, home today. His wife, Junia, was at his bedside in a hospital in Shenyang, China, where he was receiving treatment for an unbearably painful cancer. Today he is free from the long suffering, and is in the arms of God.

Many of you knew Tom from the Perot Movement. Some of you became acquainted with Tom through his blogs on this website. You may have even purchased one of the many unique pens he crafted while living in Dangdong, China, where he taught. Others remember Tom from his years at the Maryland National bank, or from his days in the Virginia real estate market during the late eighties.

Why Are We Destroying Our Grid?

By: Donn Dears

Or, asked differently: Why are we destroying the most efficient, reliable and least costly system ever devised for generating and distributing electricity?

Here are some facts:
•Electricity generated by wind and solar is more expensive than electricity generated using traditional methods, e.g., coal-fired, natural gas combined cycle, nuclear and hydro power plants.
•Wind and solar are intermittent and unreliable methods for generating electricity that requires backup, usually with natural gas turbines, which increases costs.
•Wind and solar require expensive storage to alleviate evening ramping-up by traditional methods of generation, and to permit larger amounts of renewables on the grid which increases costs.
•Promoting and subsidizing PV rooftop solar, often with net-metering provisions, increases costs.
•Attempting to increase the amount of wind and solar generated electricity to substantially replace traditional methods of generating electricity will require large amounts of prohibitively expensive storage.

In addition, it’s very likely that: