By: Pat Muth

Keith Flaugh

My attempt to encourage Gatekeepers and Watchers to share their findings on my network and archives pages has fallen on barren ground.  Finally, someone got off the couch and became an activist.  I’m happy to introduce you to Keith Flaugh.

He spent 27 years in finance and marketing.  Keith Flaugh was an exec at IBM.  But upon retirement, he began questioning why our culture was self-destructive.  Why were so many people apathetic to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic?    “I concluded it was our education system that is indoctrinating our children,” he stated.

He considers himself to be a U.S. “Original Constitutionalist”.  Along the way, Keith became fed up with a political system hijacked by both parties and the Federal Government.  He started the Florida Citizen’s Alliance (FLCA) four years ago, and today is its Managing Director. FLCA is a respected advocate for K-12 educational reform.

When Keith contacted me to look at his website, what I found was the most awake person on education that I’ve met.  I may remind you that I was the spokeswoman for the Chicago Board of Education.  (And relevant here, in the 70’s, I wrote a novel which turned out to be prophetic, and refused to be published, on the same subject Keith addresses.)

Keith saw “the political and religious indoctrination, revisionist history, distortion of our founding values, and the tearing down of family values” in the educational curriculum. It was a far cry from what he learned from his parents.  “Both parents taught me a sense of duty and responsibility.  Growing up, I was an Eagle Scout and a four-year Army veteran.”

Keith and several other retirees started digging into the teaching materials used in Florida’s schools and began flushing out the meat for their first major success.  That success came this year, when the Florida legislature passed a new law, signed by Governor Rick Scott.  This law gives parents and grandparents the expanded role in choosing text book materials for their schools.  Keith Flaugh writes about this new bill on our network and archives page.

For those parents in Florida, it will come as no surprise to you, that not one of its school districts currently allows parents into the process.  So, Keith and his organization are back in Tallahassee, the capital, to add teeth to the new law during the 2018 legislative session.  We’ll have to stay posted to see what comes next.  In the meantime, they are kicking up support as they inform parents across the state of their new right.

Addressing the whole nation, Keith states, “We must reclaim our education system from the progressives.” He writes on the FLCA website, “Our children are being indoctrinated into socialism.  They are our future as a Constitutional Republic.  The only way forward is to engage parents, grandparents and other influencers to appreciate the principles of liberty and to help instill these in our children.”

For further information on FLCA visit their website.  Become involved.  Volunteer.  Contact them directly.

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