A Title In The Making by Patricia MuthBy:  Pat Muth

I’m honored that Our Lord has allowed this to happen.  And I’ve got to admit, I’m also proud.  On September 13th, Richard Winger of Ballot Access News quoted extensively from my book in his rebuttal to a story in the Huffington Post. 

You can read the piece below or click on the link above.  Thanks, Richard!

On September 10, the New York Times ran an article mentioning that Donald J. Trump sought the Reform Party nomination in 2000, for a while. He entered two Reform Party presidential primaries, in California and Michigan, and won both of them. The title of that article was “Bound to No Party, Trump Upends 150 Years of Two-Party Rule.” It says, “In the end, Trump dropped the campaign and the Reform Party.”

Jackie Salit, a former leader of the New Alliance Party, and then the Reform Party, and now President of Independent Voting, has an article in Huffington Post that disputes the New York Times. She writes, “Here’s the correction to the fake news…I was there. I know what happened. The Reform Party dropped Trump, not the other way around.”

The most comprehensive history of the Reform Party is Patricia Muth’s “A Title in the Making: Perot Movement Laid the Foundation to Take Back America. Where Do We Go From Here?” It was published in 2016 and is 468 pages. About Trump’s run for the Reform nomination in 2000, it says on page 450, “There were others taking a look at the Reform Party for a presidential run. Real Estate tycoon Donald Trump joined Buchanan and Ventura. According to the Baltimore Sun, Trump surprised conservatives when he announced he was forming an exploratory committee to seek the Reform Party presidential nomination in 2000. On October 8, 1999, the Baltimore Sun reported: “Trump, describing his poll numbers as ‘unbelievable’ said on CNN that he was forming a committee to advise him on a possible run.”

“‘I believe non-politicians represent the wave of the future, and if elected, I would make the kind of president America needs. In the new millenium, I would center my presidency around three principles: one term, two-fisted policies, and no excuses,’ Trump told the Wall Street Journal. Polls put Trump and Buchanan at 7% and 8% respectively. Once Trump made his announcement, Jesse Ventura, a longtime friend of Trump’s, seemed to bow out. He told AP that his friend ‘may end up being a good candidate for us. The builder seems to parallel me a lot.”

“In January 2000, Donald Trump invited Reform Party leaders to his Mar-a-Lago Club — a 126-room mansion in Palm Beach — on the Atlantic Ocean. Gayle and Russ Verney had the pleasure of dining with him after the reception, and found Trump to be ‘a most gracious host.’ But the grand meeting did not evolve into a campaign. As the election drew closer, the master of branding, public relations and negotiations, had succeeded in causing a buzz but decided it was not the time.”

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